Permanent Eyebrows Price List

Hairstroke Brows  £345.00

(includes touch up)

Hairstrokes are applied in the direction of the natural hair growth to imitate brow hairs, blending with your own hairs where possible to give a very natural result. 


Ombré (powdered brows)  £345.00

(includes touch up)

Ombré Brows are becoming very popular and are a great alternative for clients that are not suitable for the hairstoke method (Oily skin/large open pores).

They can be soft & gentle or sharp & defined and are suitable for everyone, no matter what the skin type. Ombré Brows create the illusion of a realistic brow with the effect of powder and contrast.  


Top ups  (For existing clients only)

12 Month Top up  50% off initial price

18 Month Top up  30% off initial price

Over 24 Months - Charged as a new set of brows