The Differences Between Microblading and Machine Method Permanent Eyebrows

I am often asked if I offer microblading services.  Or sometimes clients are even unaware that there is a difference between microblading and the machine method of creating permanent eyebrows. The world of permanent cosmetics can be a confusing place at times! 

To make things a little clearer and so you are aware of the differences between both methods I'll go into it in a bit more detail. 

Similarities Between Microblading & Machine Method Permanent Eyebrows

But first, here are the similarities between the 2 methods:

  • Both microblading and the machine method are forms of eyebrow tattooing where pigments are deposited into the upper dermal layer of the skin.
  • Both methods are sometimes referred to as semi-permanent but in fact both methods are permanent. Semi-permanent can be a bit misleading as a small amount of the pigment will always remain in the skin even if it's invisible to the human eye. Without touch ups the results will fade dramatically over the years but a tiny bit of pigment will always remain. This information is backed up by the SPCP (The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals). 
  • Both procedures are carried out by highly trained and skilled permanent make-up professionals. 
  • Both methods require a huge amount of skill to produce great results and it's always more about the skill of the artist rather than the method of implantation. 
  • Both are classed as cosmetic tattooing.

Due to the procedures having many similarities, people often don't realise there is actually a difference.

Microblading vs Machine Method Permanent Eyebrows - The Differences

Images of Microblading Tools
  1. Microblading involves using a hand held tool with a row or configuration of tiny needles which look like a blade. This is used to implant pigment into the skin in tiny hair like strokes. In my Hamilton Studio I use the machine method.  It has a tiny single needle which is attached to a hand piece (pen like device) driven by a digital permanent make-up machine to implant pigment into the skin in tiny hair like strokes. 
  2. Generally microblading treatments will require more frequent re-touches as a smaller amount of pigment is implanted (tattooed) into the skin as compared with the machine method. 
  3. Until recently microblading could produce much finer strokes than the machine method but with advances in technology and new 'nano' needles it is now possible to create super fine natural stokes with a digital machine. I perform all procedures using the most advanced device in the world.
  4. There are many skilled microbladers who produce outstanding work with this method but it requires tremendous skill and expertise to achieve good results.  Unfortunately due to the increase in very basic microblading courses many microblading artists have only undergone 1 or 2 day courses.  These courses do not give them the level of skill to perform this art to its full potential. 

How To Choose A Permanent Eyebrow Method

In the end it should be down to the artist you choose and not so much the method they offer. Always do your research, look at plenty of their work and find someone that you trust.  You should request to see before and after images of permanent eyebrows that they have completed. 

Both methods can produce fantastic results in the right hands!